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September 20, 2010

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Weather underground

Revolution is the word

Were against war

Throw some bombs against bombing

Were very famous

Kill some people

Was it right, they don’t know now, some would do it again

They spend their lives underground

Lived through police harassments, beatings and jail

Then war was over

Then turned up 30 without references and with 2 kids

All wars have their veterans I guess

They couldn’t hide anymore

Turned themselves to police

Went to jail

Now they are just ordinary people passing by

You could never tell they blew up buildings

Now they watch stupid TV shows

work as professors of mathematics at universities

have their NGOs

guerilla anarchists activists

remembering with some strange look in their eyes

they thought world wont go without them

think they will move it

and seams it is just as same

war is all over

cannot stop thinking

are we the ones?

cannot stop asking

what do we do smarther?

today’s selfsocalled

kids of revolution