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September 20, 2010

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Weather underground

Revolution is the word

Were against war

Throw some bombs against bombing

Were very famous

Kill some people

Was it right, they don’t know now, some would do it again

They spend their lives underground

Lived through police harassments, beatings and jail

Then war was over

Then turned up 30 without references and with 2 kids

All wars have their veterans I guess

They couldn’t hide anymore

Turned themselves to police

Went to jail

Now they are just ordinary people passing by

You could never tell they blew up buildings

Now they watch stupid TV shows

work as professors of mathematics at universities

have their NGOs

guerilla anarchists activists

remembering with some strange look in their eyes

they thought world wont go without them

think they will move it

and seams it is just as same

war is all over

cannot stop thinking

are we the ones?

cannot stop asking

what do we do smarther?

today’s selfsocalled

kids of revolution


salvador puig antich July 25, 2009

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I si canto trist

Jo no estimo la por,
ni la vull per a demà,
no la vull per a avui,
ni tampoc com a record;
que m’agrada els somrís
d’un infant vora el mar
i els seus ulls com un ram
d’illusions esclatant.

I si canto trist
és perquè no puc
esborrar la por
dels meus pobres ulls.

Jo no estimo la mort,
ni el seu pas tan glaçat,
no la vull per a avui,
ni tampoc com a record;
que m’agrada el batec
d’aquell cor que, lluitant,
dóna vida a la mort
a què l’han condemnat.

I si canto trist
és perquè no puc
oblidar la mort
d’ignorats companys.

Jo no estimo el meu cant,
perquè sé que han callat
tantes boques, tants clams,
dient la veritat;
que jo m’estimo el cant
de la gent del carrer
amb la força dels mots
arrelats en la raó.

I si canto trist
és per recordar
que no és així
des de fa tants anys.

And if I sing sad

I don’t like fear,
neither the will for tomorrow,
I don’t want it today,
not even as a memory;
that I like the smile
of a child that is close to the sea
and his eyes like a branch
of illusions, explode.

And if I sing sad
is because I can’t
erase the fear
from my poor eyes.

I don’t like death,
neither his frosted step,
I don’t want it today,
not even as a memory;
that I like the beat
of this heart that, fighting,
gives life to death
to those that they have condemned it.

And if I sing sad
is because I can’t
forget death
of ignored companions.

I don’t like my song,
because I know that they are silent
so many mouths, some many cries,
which they used to say the truth;
that I like the song
of people of the street
with the strength of the words
ingrained in reason.

And if I sing sad
(I do it) so I can remember
that it’s not like this
for so many years.


water March 29, 2009

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i dont want to be a stupid widow:)


memoari jedne gejše March 28, 2009

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princesas February 15, 2009

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I went for some tests.


What kind?




How’s Manuel?


The same.


Sometimes I get carried away.


We’re taking a little time off.


And your volunteer?


Just as bad.


Did you know that the sea here

is very important?


There’s no sea here.




That’s why everyone

thinks so much about it.


Things are not important

because they exist,


but because people

think about them.


Like your son.


He’s not here but you think

about him every day, don’t you?


That’s why he exists.


Because you think about him.


That’s what my mother says.


We exist because someone thinks

about us, not vice versa.


She says someone said it,


but I think she made it up.


She makes everything up,

when it’s convenient.


Actually, I…


I don’t believe in God much,


and I’m not religious or anything.


My mother is,


but I’m not.


The only thing is…


I’ve been thinking, you know…


And I think that…


Well, the worst thing isn’t…


wouldn’t be if there was

nothing after death.


The worst thing would be

if there was another life.


Another life like this one.

Does it make you nostalgic?




Everything. The food.


A little.


Weird, isn’t it? Nostalgia.


It’s not a bad thing in itself.


It means you had good times


and you miss them.


Me, I don’t feel nostalgic.


Nothing worth missing

has ever happened to me.


Talk about shitty.


Can you feel nostalgic over

something that hasn’t happened yet?


Because sometimes, I do.


I imagine how things

are going to be,


with boys, for example,


or life in general.


And I feel sad when I remember

how nice they were going to be,


because they were going

to be beautiful,


really beautiful.


Then, I feel nostalgic


because they were

going to be so beautiful.


And when I realize

they haven’t happened yet,


that they may never happen,


I get really sad.


Really sad.


It’s like a down payment

of sadness.


Like a deposit on

a rented apartment,


but of sadness.


And you advance it

because you know eventually


you’ll use it up anyway.


Za dane skretanja

Bez mobilnih

Kad nismo kurve nego princeze


Mislimo na njih nevidljive  

Za avionske karte

Ne u zivote posle smrt


Para pricesas mias armanas


queer as folk

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