Jelena Savic

I am a fckn artist!

And where’s your dignity?/en June 8, 2014

slaveOne interesting phenomenon is when marginalized subject’s dignity is offended if and only if they think their colonizer’s dignity is in jeopardy. So, it happens only then. OH, that anger and defense of colonizer’s dignity! My feeling is that the only way to understand this level of clearly misdirected rage and righteousness is to think that his (and its a he usually) dignity is the only representation of theirs. And when they think colonizer’s dignity is jeopardized by one of them, than this invokes even more rage since it brings to existence something that is impossible to exist. Being impossible, it must stay impossible. So, they fight to annihilate and destroy even possibility of thinking of resistance that can jeopardize colonizer’s dignity, as if they are defending theirs! What a staggering evidence of colonialism today!

Also, either they would in panic try to destroy this resistance or often they would treat this member as a victim ”who lost control”. I wonder do they ever think they are the victims of the colonial notion of control, decency and politeness that thought them what their dignity, as colonized subjects, and defense of such a dignity means.



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