Jelena Savic

I am a fuckn artist!

The Belgrade Pride 2017/en June 25, 2017

My comment on the Belgrade Pride 2017 and the text which is called something like “Taking over of their own space” where we can see very small number of people, among them a person with disability, some trans people and others, all white, holding placats with drawn national (& natioanlistic) trademark – plum (sljiva) and slogans like “nobody is free, untill we are all free”, and the only Roma presented here are the ones from a band of all probably hetero, probably poor, and not at all queer men,  who most probably do not know this word even, who would probably not be proud at all to be seen related to LGBTTIQ people, who still service and play to all of them to make some money, as they often play to be able to survive for hetero, nationalistic, patriarchal, racist, rude men in tawerns, so often trumping over their dignity, being tipsy or dead drunk from drinking so fckn famously known drink made of plums-sljivovica. Thank you LGBTTIQ people & the rest on this event and fuck you very, very much.

Yours trully JSBelgrade Pride1


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