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Greta, the new X-woman September 25, 2019


You should really be naïve or privileged enough to believe that Greta as a phenomenon is something cool, to believe that children, young women appearing on protests in the name of humanity is something cool.

Only if you have never been an activist you can believe its cool one 16 year old girl not going to school to do things for humanity and be exposed in such an extent to anybody who has an access to media and internet.

Only if you have no idea how devastating work it can be and how much it can take away from your life, you can be in a hype about it. Or if you have some idea that it’s a cool thing to do, i don’t know. Its possible there are such people who enjoy and do activism for that reason. Not because of the pain.

But the girl feels it, the pain.

I don’t know, maybe it is because we have that super-hero models like Avengers and X-men, maybe, cool, fun, sexy, simple, cartoon characters (which i do love, don’t get me wrong).

Maybe it is because we learn about activism from the movies which present Black Panthers as cool fashionable people in black.

Or because we have that superhero taboos, very bad mental hygiene and lousy transfer of knowledge in social movements and new generations never really learn how it is to be an activist, so they often burnout and end up being resentful.

Maybe cause its also an industry, that activism. Because older generations who survived in that industry need younger generations to be idealistic and work for nothing on their projects which will ensure their income and sustain their constant not really eco-friendly world traveling and staying in hotels with business class, mingling with high profile people, i don’t know.

But its not ok. It’s a labor now. She cries about it. They took her childhood. As they did with so many non white girls who had to stand for something which they should have never stand for for the first place, like their bare life, right to education, to decide about their bodies….

I don’t see why is that good?

This is extortion. The girls are blackmailed to take that work which killed and broke so may of devoted activists already. We never speak about suicide among activists. We never speak about PTSDs, or mental health issues. It’s a sacrifice how I see it. The one she should have never been made to give.

Maybe it will be clearer if as a Roma woman I say that I am not interested in saving the world or Roma community really. I would like to live my life as an ordinary person. I do not want to be a spoke person, a leader, a role model, a representative, never wanted that. I wish I could go to school and that I never had to fight with children there proving them wrong about anything related to my identity, proving my teachers wrong, proving my family wrong, and proving the world wrong. Never. It cost me so much of my time and my health. While others were learning how to get better in life, I had to learn how to make myself emotionally stable and how to respond, how to argue, how to behave when somebody says or does something against me as Roma. I had to specialize in that.

I never wanted that. It is something the society made me do to survive.

The better I became, the more shit I got to deal with.  And suddenly there are some people with money, telling you you are there to save all Roma from that shit, that you owe that.

Body in work.

Only if you do that, you get things in life which others can get without it, cause while you learned that, they learned something else, how to make money. You are funneled into the Roma business suddenly. There are too many references in your CV saying you are in that business now.

And I only wanted to convince myself I am ok mostly.

Activism for me is blackmail. While white people, especially males can learn how to run businesses, all kind of minorities, women, have to learn how to survive.

Now we celbrate children doing the same not just to survive, but all fckn humanity to survive.

I cannot get this shit together really.

I have nothing to add to what Greta is saying. Many minorities all over the world are saying the same. Many adults who are supposed to say it ,which are not interesting enough for media, are saying the same.

I am no white man interested in profit to say shit about her or what she is saying.

I do see a girl in pain, exposed to so many industries and people not recognizing their role in it.

Taking her as she is an X-woman, an imaginary character from a comic book repeating scientific facts. Just the bubble is missing. And they start to argue about what is in that bubble. Is it true, is it not. Who says it is, who says its not, why.

There, ecological issues are served, on the agenda now. The girl served, she keeps serving.

And she can also disappear. She is not real. Her body is not real. Her emotions are not real. Her age is not real. For neither green nor antigreen people, men especially, arguing.

Reminds me on politicians debating Roma issues.

Its all over somebody else’s’ body, somebody else’s life.

An industry using life as a source of production.

Green industry is an industry. Activism is an industry.

Why is it that you are happy to see girls walking away from their own education to work in industries against other industries which you support with your everyday choices next to the politicians?

Why does she have to quit education for your dead animal in the plate? For your new leader shoes? Your pizza with cheese? Your milk? Your eggs and bacon? Your plastic bags? Your McDonalds? Your new phone? Your new clothing? Your government cutting trees, putting rivers in pipes, making deals with business people? Your silence? Or your activism for that matter? Why?

Might be subjective, but like…fck you,  really, fck you and your antigreen, liberal, neo-liberal and your green antiliberal and whatever ideology.

Fck you.