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Why Greta will not save us all September 24, 2019


Pardon me for daring to speak in the name of us humans here. Its obnoxiously pretentions to speak about humans in general and their nature. Not all humans are alike. However, there is a mass phenomenon now – Greta speaking about humanity, and so many people are hyper enthusiastic about her so, there it is, my pretentious conclusions on humans. Don’t fckn read it if you don’t like that. I don’t fckn care.

Now, my story starts magically, with some impression that we are predominantly a society believing in magic. For example, we believe massively in God or to say Gods.  The all seeing, all mighty creatures who know what is the right solution for any situation and who have all the power to put things in order.

We love to hear the words of those Gods we massively believe exist. Every religion has its books, the words we learn and repeat. Words bring comfort, don they? They save us from this world full of injustice, imperfections, pain, and suffering.

It has to make sense; it has to be for something. It cannot be that we suffer for nothing on this world. We are beings craving meanings.

That’s probably, among other things like private interests of small political and economic elites, why we also have a tendency to choose charismatic leaders who bring ultimate solutions and lead us to wars where we kill each other for a greater cause of our own exclusive Lebensraums, pure Edens on Earth.  People who seem to know what we are going through, and tell us the words we love to hear about our promised lives.

Maybe that’s why we also love our actors, musicians and singers also. We know at least one movie or a song which makes us cry. Emotions are powerful. Words are powerful. Images are powerful. They are like magic. We as humans seem to crave beginnings, plots, resolutions, meanings, gods and devils, tears, violence, sex, happy endings… People from the entertainment industry would know.

We love to see actors and musicians with those wonderful capabilities to sense the world and life acting and singing for us about our lives so much that we do not really care if they end up killed by the industry of this magic doing that… Marilyn Monroe, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse….

Greta brings words of joy. She seems to be an extraordinary child. She takes things seriously dramatic. Her words seem to be coming from her heart and her mind; it seems she lives what she teaches, alone in her appearance, with no adults or any team behind, like some prophet, out of this world sent from above to save us all. She goes around the world and tells the truth to power, bringing power and truth to the people.

It is indeed a true potential for some proper “The Truman/Greta Show” which people will love, isn’t it?

This morning I read an article called “Greta is the punk of the 21st century”.

Great is in fashion. Many people all over the world loved and love punk. And punk is dead (yes, it is). It became long time ago a pop culture commodity, as well as any other type of ‘revolutionary’ music for that matter.

I expect rain coat industry to increase their selling soon.

That’s the industry of magic, it senses and creates and brings down the stories for us, for the money we love to give to see and hear them. It especially uses women’s bodies in the stories, their unacted real life emotions, sufferings, psychological problems, dramas- the pure gold.

Greta will not save us all even if she dies for us all trying.

No, one little girl telling to politicians”how dare you” walking around with her autism in a yellow raincoat cannot save the planet for us all.

It is a sad thing seeing how yet another young woman’s body is used to serve the orgasmic magical, wishful thinking of people who find it so irritating and get so angry when somebody tells them how the piece of the animal came to their plates. People with such a low level of self-reflection and the ability to deal with their own contribution to the problem, starting from feminists and leftists of this world.

What a cruel joke really.

Greta will not save us all, because to me it seems we as humans hate present so much we can barely look at ourselves in the present.

Greta will not save us all cause we collectively love to live in the future, nice looking future.

We love good stories, and we love happy endings.

No matter what.

And we love machinery which makes it happen.

And it brings money to some people…..

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