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beeing a poet-poetess June 2, 2009



politic in every filed is represented as who can get position in the institutions of any power to take some money from the state budget, and to get as much of family in this institution also, all together without any concept of responsibility for one one work or any readiness to learn


well it is known who is in the power in patriarchy. . elderly bohemians should have their throne, put in every board for literature concourse, every directing or critics position. poets should be treated as brotherhood and help eachother.if you wont to establish yourself as a mail poet it is recommended to go and have a glass of anything , preferably domestic alcohol with your fellows, just to be on their mind in case some opportunity for professional cooperation emerges, loyalty is a very acknowledgeable virtu, and after you show your manhood in discipline of getting seriously drunk, nationalistic not educated and  sexist ,no bad work will spoil this tender friendship.


as for dichotomies everybody knows that poets are inspired by the higher creature,

that poet is a one sensitive and sensual man who is not coping well with the reality of everyday life, but tells the essence of it, so it is forgiven to him.

he is representing a pure hart of reality on a divine highly pathetical way.

also he is using his words to express his stormed emotions moved by it ,he is one strange and beautiful camera that is filming different parts of our so ordinary life connecting us with our deepest emotions. his especially sensual apparatus is for most important  catching most wonderful parts of our nation, representing the core of our glorious people spirit.

poets are special kind of people, are known as bodily creatures finding their inspiration in food , drink and women,and ablsolutely in no need of any kind of education, which if mixed with their pure emotional structure product in  not understandable, hermetical and backslider poetry, especially if it is a mater of depicting a character and history of his people.


society of mail poets has a high ranking order mostly designated by age, elderly bards of Serbian poetry, especially dead ones , since tenrhumed songs from our history deserve all respect and piety in tone wen mentioned cause their important role of representing hard life, sacrifice of mother lend and her people ,our proud nation.

elderly gentlemans in institutions of culture are the next in line

younger poets are pacts of horny not cultivated dogs, products of almost 20 years long deprivation of any civilization and proper education , regulating their hierarchy positions by the help of the biggest fucker criteria


poet and history have on the surface very subtle relationship full of tenderness and bothsided  worship and idolizing

and as it is in patriarchal society marriage is sacrilege full of violence that nobody should know about

still it is not clear who would be a man and who a woman in this constellation, seams that both sides are torturing each other in a agony of death, one relationship full of scars leather and spikes but without consent of any side , like they are in a net and hurting each other cause they cannot release themselves so we would have all kind of poetry nails sticked deeply into history flesh and vice versa sucking  blood to each other like tenrhumes poetry sociorealistic romanticistic nationalistic war pushing poetry and history full of names of big poets that made this kind of poetry

but in the eyes of everudaylife  every loyal citizen , real Serbian,  poets are gardeners of the best flowers of our highly moralistic proud peacefully people


poet and economy

poets as homo ecomomicus is hard to think.

picture of poets as well known roisterers and easy hands in spending money is putting poets in a really hard position.

in a situation of transition and all together destroyed and poor country,  especially

elderly poets if proven as real representatives of Serbian culture of course menage to take some positions in institutions of culture will carry this role with proud  being a poet is not profitable but it is acknowledgeable.

to be a real poet and not to be a fun of a god drop is often to hard to resist, and younger poets are on a suffering because their budget is not that big,but if they manage to get attention with their appropriate work done by the rules of real Serbian poetry of some acknowledgeable Serbian poet or professor of literature, or publisher  they can soon be given a chance to publish and get some money to maintain a picture of real modern poet , and proud man and Serbian , especially published on cirilica

of course education and hereby education in literacy and economy in modern meaning have no link what so ever, and poetry of course is not to be mention in such a sacrilege contexts


religion and Serbian poets together with history  are old frends from big crash of Serbian army on Kosovo we can learn from our big Serbian poets in prime school boks that beeing a serb mean to be a ortodox christian and to cut heads of muslim turcs ,

also we all know that poets are medium that are gouded by intrinsic conditions, states and emotions or that they are born with talent or somekind of special capabilities for words, some special enlithment from nature, or god since this days after sociorealism and mix of socrealism , nationalism he is so much popular gay

simbols of religion are very efective in that kontekst so poet cannot miss if add some of this spices in his poetry work wich will give it a picant taste of real Serbian porige


culture elit of poetry is very much described by patriarchy , it represent it in one fild,  to be a member you have to prove yourself to members of elite as real inherit of their work . so you have doors opened for you on every institution of culture

so you can write about everydaylife, litle things, to be moden, careful with choosing a tematic,you can critic poverty of life but politic and activism are not suported since poetry is  peaceful place for wacation

and not to much experiments or complicated words from the sam e reason, we don’t wont to bother our reader or listener

it is recomened to use  pastoral tematic narative poetry , confesion stile, use strict rules of not mixing ganrs, transparent usage of language is treeted as responsible and respectfull and serious

if you are on poetry night you soul sit quitly read potry when it is you term stately from inside your beeing, not communicateing with public on any other way

if you know your versus without reading them..perfect


education doesn’t have god efekts on poets they become to estranged from they try self, their poems become fabricated and lose their representative power

only thing you should learn is history..late history  of literature especialy Serbian literature and that real poets are not to be questioned but apreciated as tresure of our educated and proud nation and of course taken as example in makig poems




feminism is treated as separatism

it is connected with NGOs and as such as non patriotic and traitorous

also connected with different nationalities and religion and  because of that also non patriotic, foreigner and  dangerous

also being an avant-garde movement it is treated as destructive, ready to ruin precious tradition

looking for changes it is always in process of questioning of the grounds, connected with concept of learning circle. it is very often interdisciplinary oriented and connected with philosophy especially postmodern philosophy, and as we learned anything that is connected with new tendencies in any filed and is asking for attention is treated as annoying and undecent, immodest, obscene…as show off….


to be a poetess in Serbia means that you are women with her diary, deeply embedded in gender, emotional women dealing with thematic that is treated as irrelevant, not at all political also ready to be  fucked all the time sexual object which should be pretty, tender and obedient

also as for a poet it is important to fallow rules and preferably use classical forms of rhymes, although it will be tolerate not to rhyme but themes,  forms, symbols, metaphors that are traditional ,strict rules of Serbian language ,grammar and genre, use narration, idea of well known truths of this world, preposition of something like objective reality that is represented through words,of pureness of writing and transparent character of language, idea of subject as natural unmediated and free, to build a rhythm on  counterpoints of dichotomies, not to complex or to not understandable stories of some thing that have happened to you, deeply personal and read it slowly and also from deepest parts of you sole …

  how ever your work  doesn’t exist and /or is not treated as worthy on public scene if some man from institution of culture doesn’t come and give it a blesing.

you will get a blesing if you socialize or/and fuck some man from institution from culture, and of course if you write poetry that is nationally and gender acceptable

if you present in public any different from this you will be put to place by patriarchal benevolent comments of worried elderly gentleman poets,laughter behind your back and/or rough sexist comments in the face by peer mail poets, uneducated critics who will try to stick their pencildicks in your work, or worried elderly poets comment in stile where is this world going and in most cases all of this






















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