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bedno pisakralo!hahahhaaahahahah

Does it hurt the cow May 9, 2015

Search for me in a labyrinth in a story in a white british accent flames of tearing anger of a sofa and brown horrific wallpapers lacking life of experience of living american language for correct spelling in a body in an endowment richness of the talent for selfdestruction need for pain physical pain to calm down in a breath in a breath breathing breathing breathing full mouth of horror blood grappling chocked by monstrous schism of the compassion toward helplessness full of trust came on a call goat killed by the hand of an old women that took care of her to make a meal for a wounded man, deserter, and i cannot let it go

I cannot i cannot and steal machines pressing pigs chickens and cows eyes wide open

i cannot let it go

Cow restless with her neck in a metal block not able to move a hole on her back for a man to stick his hand and explore micro-flora in her burag humanity needs technical solutions to Escherichia colli mutated in animal concentration camps and shithells where they live from when they are born

Does it hurt the cow?

No, he says

Wonder what is behind his year the pain i don’t know what to do with the pain


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