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bedno pisakralo!hahahhaaahahahah

Ballerina March 31, 2014


oh darling now you gonna live me

gendered bodily mechanism synthesizing

black oily tears

stinging silky pink dress

intro into prelude inside impossibility

agh a o I am the star I am not a little starlet, no no

expositions standing brutally hanging twisted appearance

               wandered off on a wind

                                             sshs   sh   sh   she

micro particles just broke in cracking noise

cc rrrR Aa cKk


wide purple-bluish sadness pouring from a cartoon

black and white boxes with simple sentences in clouds

touching the limits

         g  e  n  tly walking on the top of her f ingers

behind his talk

accelerated in time

worm in her belly

                                           understanding ballerina

with two arguments

pearly objectifying practices and her hands in lace rounded pockets.


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