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bedno pisakralo!hahahhaaahahahah

Hungry ghosts May 11, 2014

he simply doesn’t have what to say
narrator in this epistemological endeavor in the excess of information overload left us apart she didnt know getting back to the fox tail she didnt know how she is left fallen in her drowning fears
in fire oh fire brigades oh fire workers oh she screams
in deficiency of air waves
left us apart
she didnt know what is this existence of small evil box of interactions berried and cursed seven times protected by three the most powerful
under the moon light while in the ninth circle
in the year
long lost under her armpit

squandered just a peace of the tissue in her vain under thin skin
i always thanked god mine dont look like drug addict’s
in silence under her hair she is squatting
ontologically impossible
impersonal irritated and squabbling with herself with her only family
i always took her for a wired girl messed up always messy hear and in the absent of the goal of this perfect life of herself in the future
she didnt believe in the future as such
impossibility of living when you think was enormous under her conditions

it is about her
three stars over her bed were a sign her birthmark fallowing her wherever she would go
just over her eyebrow she developed this feeling of the warning of the practical knowledge that came to her during last several years in the form of dust while she was living among creatures she didnt recognize
under the embrace of the man always carrying an umbrella
not that they ever used it though
she was happy when she developed this horrible migraines little apparition sneaked there
in all his grace
she was alone within resistance and complete obsolescence devour her remains
but you should know all my Jewish babies are crying
you should know
she knew about hungry ghosts
she had one inside her tattooed all over her thirteenth rib


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