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bedno pisakralo!hahahhaaahahahah

In the night December 7, 2013

cluband they ruined perfectly god USB 16GB

I would distance myself

I would laugh controlled by silver strings tightly stretched over the field of flesh inside

just being you

in the politics of representation

imaginary pain over an unexisting relationship within the structures of the atmosphere full of human presence

absence is fulfilling

full of entitlement to the tenderness of your skin and resting in the constellation of the parts of your body

where fat is silently growing

drop drop


pak pak pak p a ak

rampant awakening  of the distinguishing bright streams of colors

and everything is


and HQ

furthermore molecular splashes over your shores and dissolving into the wordless space of moreover and at the same time transfer is a cycle

I am a bicycle with pink stickers and green sit and a basket

red one

the emergency of impact and imposing several approaches to little selfish parts of unknowness of myself in you

captured in babushka

micromanaging and under the influence of indeterministic chaos

delicate approach to rice seeds in a bowl

I am slowmotioning you are unknown force in a red, black and white


 peaces on the back walls  of the clubs in Budapest

emerged symbolically in the rules of the twisted drawings of the social games drown on the tables looked through the glass of a beer upon them

and a cup of menstrual blood tea with a drop of beer dropping

and its fate starts immediately


and pair of old eyes just opened on the colorful carpet on the wall

those were the eyes of the history of the old civilizations

 India or Aztec empire

everybody acknowledged awareness in the room


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