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Pretender February 14, 2016

World turned

Philosophical thought experiments are pushy

Author ambiguity creature

Its just anarchism

Love anarchist would fuck them

She is not telling you

                                  It’s a reader’s choice

                                                              You know that

                                                                               Don’t be stupid

Don’t fall over the stairs over the school desk from the second row upppsssssssss don’t lean forward so muchhhh

                                                                                                                                        A u


Powerfully clearly

Blurred underwater perspectives

Author’s choice

Is it a poem

It a baby with blue eyes perfect

                     It is a perspective offered

You have no perspective

Genius of the author

Dots antiaesthetic aesthetic dots dots pixels chocolate chips m&ms

Oh suddenly impose another

Aesthetic choice


And stenciled

There is expertise at the table

There is talent at the table

I can taste them in black transparent socks in Brush Script MT drinking Bloody Marry so bloody

To realistic lack salt lack taste

Art market


Artisan – Partisan – what’s your fight


Arbitrary this talent


You people are stupid!



Form and content

Style and content

Style and form ah gentle touch of white fingers of a classy classy white women rich like expensive white chocolate

Content non aesthetic product

When it becomes relevant its stylistic norms

I love stylish

Notice the danger in silence

Neat Italian shoes on somewhat too young Italian student’s feet under the desk

yeah I appreciate the cognitive value of fiction I know I should be smarter even in my thought experiments

If everything is a stile

Choices are style

Is it honest truth!

I just cannot say no to Blue Laser Eyes

Now there’s the fantasy guy with whom any women philosopher would sit in a car

How poems are not fictional?

That’s outrageous. Nasty one, nasty, snatch away second life!

But can that be true?

On the lake

Describing landscapes


Fiction pretending to be

I am a pretender

In essence I am covered with blood

would write adverts for Coca- Cola

Like Don

One more Blue Laser Eyes

But that’s too classy

My body is not made of that chinchilla fiction tissue