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Vices & virtues March 2, 2016

Justified in hanging on to your resistance

Conservative bias

Being a functional believer

Gives you a degree of stability

Loyalty to emotional commitment

I should be loyal only to myself resisting to myself

That’s the only thing important if you ask me

Vices & virtues

One time when I can close my mind justified


It’s a style of reasoning

This young person


What’s going on?

Open minded conspiracy

Close minded democracy

Rejection of resistance

You have to reach your braking point to learn

To crack yourself

And be sent all over by torrents multiplying IP addresses over and over and over again

Can you make it non neutral?


Computer algorithm is against my professional identity

I am a doctor of philosophy

What about learning algorithms of working class and Roma students in the philosophy classroom

Against my professional ethics

These are not meant to be introductory courses

I am not meant to be introductory philosophy teacher

Its not my destiny

So its not their destiny to be there

Which are the vices?

Which are the virtues?

Dogmatism in firmness

Cognitively competent



Hey cowboy, are you sticking to your guns?!

Picture is Aristotelian


In-between firmness and dogmatic

He was nice and gentle but still roughs enough to keep philosophers in the classroom satisfied

One white feather dropped from the ceiling of the philosophy clasroom on the desk in the second row where one Roma student was sitting

Drop of chaos

Its not planned

There are no guaranties

It’s a messy job

Nobody really want’s to learn anything

Especially if its going to be unpleasantly revealing so we will gently float around like a fairies with transparent green and golden wings making dignified girly moves of our thinly hands in the air


Vices are excess

Virtues are in the middle

We hold beliefs

Like we hold babies

Nurses just get on with it

In fact they do not

Continue my judgment

They have to convince themselves

Of how they thought

Of what they did

Wait a minute

Why unlearning?

These are two faces of the same coin

Well this is genuine phenomenon of abandoning

Discarding old beliefs

Off with their heads! Who is that in the story?

Alice has inferior position

Her openness to vulnerability in a chess play

Makes her identity at issue

She drinks a lot

And eats excessively cookies

Is she virtuous still?