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Cheshire Cat January 28, 2016

Philosopher’s smartness lying all around in mess little bolls of smartness arrogance and disdain little red bolls of

In the mess of philosophical arena of tables and chairs which will grow or shrink as i would occasionally more often then Alice

They would notice and reference just Cheshire Cat smile disappearing

We know each other and have a special relation from before so just shut up i didnt learn about it on philosophy class God damn it its mine mine

Now, she is arguing that left with evidences of dubious place of origin not justified not validated

in the womb of African women

Scratch that

Occasionally entity of mine

Is omnipresent

Clumsy clumsy scorn scorn stick my tongue out


Here is the evidence here is it and here is it here grab them grab grab

But reason tells you it is not trustworthy

Your bloody reason

Where is it


We lost it

Holmes would find it

With his laser eyes is he an abstract entity is he trustworthy is he valid authority figure he is referenced a lot I press like i follow i am not a bird

Is there any other fictional character they reach

Reach me at the M2 on Deak in this poem

Restoring my green lights blue and red ones

Accelerating blueberries in the box

Where is your self in disjunctive ontological distinction ever present

Regressions regrets no history made me what i am i think of future who i want to be can i be does history determines me in future so so

these are just teleological poems

With the purpose and historical significance you cannot tell me what to think understanding is not equivalent to knowing right do i understand how can i

Its fiction blurred for present actions blurred

And still you know it is not


Its me

Its Geist in me

Or spiritus sanctus

Is there anything else but me

Spiritus sanctus

Who am i i will never know history is silent time is

I am continuous tense past present continuous tense

Am i


I get headaches of temporality

Recent backdrop

Drop drop evilness in your milk i will restrain from doing but i will allow silky drops of pure non-refined virgin evilness

What is this

reproduction of higher classes through cultural superstructure

How to end

Is there an end

No oh my God

I lost it

Where is Marx

Is he in the locker

I forgot the key again