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bedno pisakralo!hahahhaaahahahah

Time will show April 13, 2014


I  see you better when I don’t see you

When I am out of ear

How come they sad sneeringly continental philosophy become poetry I will wonder in between two small steps

Looking at the top of my red shoes

Resenting derogatory notion of my precious

Painfully missing safe postmodernism hug

Still thinking in pictures and cannot get rid of bad self-image


                o f f a t

Listening sad songs and ocean waves the whole day

Pouring words in void

Trying to make them louder



       Rain in Past Present Future Continuous

I am not

Denny Crane

My soul so worn

Out of dust

I am not

Cohen’s prisoner

in sunset

in accord with horrifying trembling of earth’s and mine


                      I wander

                                                 what I did

What the hell I did

Time will show


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