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poetry on the beach July 13, 2011

ili downsajzuješ

ili upgrejduješ

da li je acauntable dan prolazi

ne može da izmišlja

odlasci cepkaju i napukline su na ivici

unutrašnjost je hologram  meduza

more potpuno prazno potpuno

ispodrebarni mišić opet je prisutan

u zastoju mašina

jedino rečima ona crta

u pozadini sivih napuklih ruševina

oblaci su bezdušni i kamenje je artificijelno

scenografija kiča smrdi na krofne

pritajeni je tigar skriveni zmaj neuspeha

uvlači se u antihrista


dogvil je selo pasa

i porodice pasa zubima u vratu

postoji merdijan bola porodice


stoje na sceni čudnovati

podvrsta referenca na prostor

rekviziti su hiperbolični ulaz u nemost

odlaže procese i metabolizme

ulepljena otežalim mirisima


silovana mesom


She is writing something

Not sure how to



Just maaaaaking more

Profit is central chakra and

Music is colorful

On the screen

Hyperbolically transcend in miniatures micro worlds

Pictures are fast blinking

Not knowing who

Just tall hansom slim boy slipping down her

If she is riding she is writing

Ashamed in front of relevant

Make me so eager

On a cliff

Women desire makes some bubbles under water


dividing in multitude

not equal to herself

fantastic genome of happiness

slipping like a little pill

which is something really girly


more of his desire

exciding games with final score

nomadic fluxes

stocking her laughter


if multitude is my destiny

then who are you

I will never know

space for living should be filled with possibility

y to love

just you are so fucked up emotionally unavailable I am in stupor  this is feeling of making always wrong moves it is deterministic world and accountability is incompatible or

I seed wish to be in community with

suffering for not being competent emotionally disgusting over myself it is something communal but can’t ever be community

 in love intellectually so but horror milling intellectualism draining my tiny

tiny wish


my brother in core


I silently desire young slim masculine boys

with long shaped hands and round arms

I developed special sense for shape of their body

like for parts of a pussy

I notice arch of their hips

and their legs

and head of their young dicks

such a simple natural shapes

what a way to objectify these boys

fingers on this objectifying practice

but I learned there is something more beside their exceptional


that’s how some author defined man who doesn’t except kich

„he learned that there is something more beside women”

I laughed inside

such a funny guy


since he sad i am barocish

my parts were flavored

I expect to dream very long

on the beach I don’t

not from dream

old memories reconstructed

I build him from particles

so I can accept him

he is elusive

so I learned to enjoy in him

there is something  strange in driving

swimming with easiness


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