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bedno pisakralo!hahahhaaahahahah

aftherparty August 27, 2011

With my belly moving

Sea would spread and disappear

Why should little shells just grow from rocks for me??

Two ?? laser blue dots watching

Such a strange warm moment in ice


Aware and still underwater silence

She could be goddess and spreading particle in salt air

Smelling on honey and pines in his senses

Kindled in disintegration

Spread blade long side muscle tissues and bones


Could I be in multitude and fine tuning then with resonance?

Cannot see seagulls much far away

Are they driving bicycles?

You have soo much and soo many of it

What if this is my time she asks

In crisis

She moves away with that look I know

In television affectation

In my own emptiness of recognition

Wrapped in leaking and reasoning of suffered body

Caused by malicious stings practices


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