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bedno pisakralo!hahahhaaahahahah

Ricky Martin to call my own September 21, 2010

belly ring

violence of picture

so beautiful

but 7/3

is not natural number


love is not of this worl of natural numbers that’s what Badiou sad

caricature character

love is core of sex

between numbers

silly mathematician

denied sex for love

picture of desire

desire as violence

desire of other

desire y for being beautiful picture of me

hate y for being just picture

made for  me

no I don’t

rethinking concept of victim

mixing pictures of desire and love

mixing pictures of love and hate

hurts so real

this desire

of violent philosophy of pictures

do I find some joy in imperfection of ability to know real

enjoy perversely in violence of picture

misogynist Baudrillard would smile

can I please have one Ricky to go?


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