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The Raven, Crying Princ and other fairytails for Diamond Girls May 14, 2014

cannot stand the silence
lose herself while sitting at the imaginary Archimedian point
bugs decent enough do not move
and homeless guy at the middle of the street with very slow motions would try to light the cigarette using his all body occupied and devastated
would I will be able to talk about anything else but about my emptiness and void
thinking in ideological framework of confession and movie making
I cannot stand the silence of Roman numbers and eyelids are borrowed from my frog
she says go and kiss the Crying Princ, necked statue with sapphire eyes and golden skin
but he is so cold I say
I lay my roses in grief and stab them with vigor they bleed
What is wrong with the second line of abracadabra I scream
this ideology works too well I don’t need it but I know I cannot stand
I die in silence in confessional impossibility terminally sick of myself
agent is dead I let myself killing some killing here and there doesn’t harm anyone she says
Russian submarines of culturally defined paradigms of love would go smoothly in their greatness I love the word cleavage so I would often hide in it triggering not enough researched parts of the brain and redirecting circuits of electrons synapses would burst and broke
resolving in that mechanism
release of electrical tension in motoric functions would be employed
in vain ah in ghastly vain
golden leafs and silver spoons dropped from her body on the street while she was walking
it’s a she growing from a box in a Japanese garden it’s a she
that cannot stand the silence and leaves resonant sound behind her
while in horror other creatures would crawl
it’s a stereotype they employ
they are not passionate they are emotionally irresponsible and they grow twisted twisted with beautiful flowers paradise for bees to feed
I wanted to throw up but only dark birds would run from there flying
of course I didn’t like it of course birds are not to be throw up off course
darkness there and nothing more and noble raven on my shoulder finally sad it
then gently tucked himself into my lap fall asleep while my diamond hand was on his




just repeating


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