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What do men want? April 19, 2014

What do men want I never know

Sitting in 8h long train

Facing bio coercion

pissing in Belgrade-Budapest

tight bloody dirty and stinky toilets

with good knows what on the walls

I tend to be on parallel tracks

I concluded

And deliberated

It is very rude

And handsome boys should really have at least common decency not to wear tight shirts with short sleeves

and period

Especially not when you have to watch them in trains 8h long

And their bloody girlfriends should not be all over them in trains 8h long

with only 2 shitty wagons available for poor 2nd class passengers to Belgrade.

And sure men should not behave like that


What does bloody conductor want I will never know

When he asks her leg after 8h long Belgrade Budapest out of the table

When toilets are bloody pissed and shitty smelling like horror

Fuck him

One more man that I have no clue what he wants

Behaving like there is no shit in his toilet

that he off course is not going to clean

It’s going to be some poor women

But now he is a man of law and order and there is no shit in his toilet

And woman should not put their nail polisher

In oxygen-deprived air with all windows sealed for 8h long Belgrade Budapest

From some reason even in the hell toilets

I will never understand the man who sealed all windows

8h long train

Even in the hell toilets

As a man who sealed his mind in some puzzling romantic or patriarchal


notions of love and sex

And chronically wrongly air-conditioned air

Full of multiplied 8h bodily work and food

I will never understand train driver who operates that mechanism

And his  ontology of passenger

And in general men’s breathing and living mechanism

1h more and I am suffocating in confidence that I will never be able to understand

And my body so so tired from those never ending trips to neverland


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