Jelena Savic

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All the way from Brnabic to aunt Lydia June 19, 2017


You might think it’s a good thing we will have a prime minister who is a lesbian. Its very progressive, no? What does it mean? To have women and sexual minorities in decision making places, in politics especially? You might think we, minorities, we fight for representation so much, its very important to us, to be able to see “our people” in positions of power. Tomorrow, girls will have a role models i hear etc…

Now, why Brnabic  is a shity candidate as any other, and why there is no need for civil society to celebrate, if it does, and why there is even less reason to support her more than any other candidate?

The only reason I see to support Brnabic is to grant the right to sexual minorities and women to make as bad politics  for ordinary people as hetero men politicians, nothing else.

Brnabic is not a product of civil society struggles, she is a product of the weakness of civil society to enforce its own candidates, with their own agendas, in any part of political and social life. If anything, she is a living proof of the defeat of civil society struggles, as Boris Milicevic was. The fact that there is an idea that making her a prime minister is a step forward for our society is just the crying need of civil society to justify its failures by giving itself undeserved credit, and comforting itself. Or, even worse, she represents our civil society as it is. Scared, obedient and self-interested class made of handful of privileged people, who self-licensed to the position of righteousness and blindness to their own privileges.

Brnabic is not a step forward for minorities in any way. She is a step forward for the manipulative and all controlling Government, whose product she, actually, is, from top to bottom. The Government highly made of homophobes, but whose leadership is ready to use absolutely any card to enforce its own patriarchal, nationalistic, capitalistic, oppressive etc agendas.

We, Roma, know this very well on the example of our Nacional Council. No Roma there really and truly worked for Roma for decade and more. Even when a leading person is sentenced for crimes and forgeries and stealing from Roma people, he will still be there as long as he obeys. Even when Roma entered into the Parliament, they were silent as a plant in a corner, which is expected to happen in future with our Roma women representative now, who also did not find interest in finding any other way to politically organize, but now proudly belongs to the ruling party. Well, how else, how else, when the rule is to have one to rule them all. Very simple. They are there and they listen. Otherwise, they would not be there.

The only thing strange to me is that people who live and who fight against patriarchal, violent partocracy, and work in civil sector can judging by the support I witness on our feminist women mailing list, so readily neglect this, even be proud they have “their own” representatives, who will, very clearly, mostly work to make themselves rich and fuck them and their feminist efforts up. Step forward for the Government, step forward for minorities and other people – into hell.

Furthermore,  let us see that it must be a step forward for many other macropolitical capitalistic and neo-liberal forces operating through our Government. This is why, by the way, you found yourself bewildered and a bit shocked with parallels between Norwegian and Serbian society distinguished political figures, all serious, so easily made. And just recently Leona, trans person, was brutalized in the capital, in the middle of the street, in the middle of the day, while taxi drivers who did not want to help her were chilling since they do not help “that kind of people”, and police officers made a mockery out of everything, and why we have no idea what happened to her after, in the country where life of Roma or LGBTTIQ person, or for that matter any other poor, not influential, lets say, any decent person who does not know how to “make deals” is so, so cheep. Its not that they do not know, they do not care for sexual minorities, as they do not care we work for 2.8$ per hour. They have their own agendas. As the Government, international political and business class really fckn does not care for minorities, but the ones they can use for their own good are welcomed.

Brnabic is not a professional which ordinary people, especially minorities, need more than any other candidate. She is a professional the partocratic and the Government engulfed in corruption cherish and needs. Professional which is obedient and ready to work in their interest, with other “professionals” in a similar manner, like Sinisa Mali. To make it legal and moral what in any society calling itself a society cannot be legal and moral. But, Serbia is in that sense following world trends, its just more brutal when you look at it. We do not have so many Oxford and Cambridge educated people to do this “nicely”.

The need of civil society to think that professionalism, and especially professionalism lead by public interest, is what can and will survive, and/or be nurtured in the Government made of people who build their careers on violence and wars, and are themselves semi-skilled to understand how it would be possible to do their public job, is a daydreaming of educated, “civil”, very tired, weak and dying social agent in huge, life depending denial, or, simply of a class of people who traveling to their conferences do not still feel the ghastly effects of the politics these people made and executed by now, which would make them wake up and fight for a final breath for life.

Brnabic is not in any way a candidate poor people need more than any other, she is as rich as any other politician and belongs to a class for whose interests she will fight for, as she already does. If you did not know its hers, you would not make any difference between hers and financial cards of other candidates. They all have several houses, flats, businesses, NGOs, corruption affairs, court processes, suspected accounts on exotic islands, or at least confirmed contacts with “professionals” who are known for having appropriate “know how” on this track. Brnabic especially has connections with Sinisa Mali,public worker, who is a synonym for brutal and unfckn believable audacity to step over any kind of institution which should protect ordinary, especially poor citizens and public good.

Brnabic is not a candidate sexual minorities need,she is a very , very , very poor excuse of a representative of   LGBTTIQ people who want to be proud. This community could only be so very, very, very fckn ashamed by being in a situation to be represented by her. She represents everything these people, at least the ones who say they fight for their rights, can absolutely fight against. She always did what she was told, she even “came out” as told. Really, there is no ground to think she will deal with the lives of LGBTTIQ people differently, but as told. Even if she would want to, seriously, can anybody think, but seriously, that she will be given a chance? Wtf. Wtf is the only thing left when you hear people from civil society see this as a step forward. The only thing. Either you pretend you are not aware of the lords of the ring ruling Serbia, or simply this is just the fact of such a huge defeat and cornering that we all went into sleep we do not want to be awaken from.

Brnabic did not in any way prove she deserves the trust of civil society, especially not the trust of sexual minorities or poor people. Brnabic is no better candidate than any other candidate we already know too well, she is as much as they are, or even more, since she has a point to prove to the company she have chosen to work with, interested only in following orders.

Supporting her, is almost as supporting any other candidate. This “almost” is for how much civil society is being bought. For how little civil society needs to be silenced and pacified. For the idea that girls, lesbians will see Brnabic and think, “Oh, lesbians make some decisions, I am not worthless”, while in the meantime these girls will be brought up by the families wrecked by poverty, which Brnabic and her mates will further made more horrible than it is today, since they have neither skills, nor will not to; she will get education devastated by the measures Brnabic and her mates made; she will live in a city filled with pollution; ugly turbo architecture including expensive fountains; in the city full of police and lose war criminals; she will have no real protection in the case of sexual or any other violence; she would be in danger of being killed without any problems; especially if she starts to think critically; she will be waiting for months to get in the ruined overcrowded hospitals with understaffed and underqualified, underpaid personal to get a treatment after being attacked, she will have to take overpriced,  ruined public transportation, with no money, with no job, no perspective and, god knows, maybe even without an opportunity to get an abortion if she is raped, or an opportunity to leave the country one day, and surely she will not have a chance to make her own family or adopt children.

But, there will be this manifestation called “The Pride” where Brnabic will walk with her. That would surely make her proud of being a lesbian. In her dreams she can one day be Brnabic. Only if she tries harder to be so professionally obedient. At the end, one day, with a special talent for sacrificing, we, women, can all have better life by becoming aunt Lydia. If civil society does not fuckn wake up. If it can wake up. I dont know.

But, again, that’s just me saying. Poor and angry Roma women, whom you have difficulties reading because arguments are given with anger, harsh to your sensitive feminist sisterly ears.

Wake up.

Get angry for the fck sake.

Or you still have too much to lose?